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AMDMC Journal will like to hear from people interested in reviewing. We’re looking for enthusiasm, excellent time management, a good working knowledge of your subject area, and preferably a Masters degree or above. If you are interested in reviewing, please send your CV and information about your experience and interests to our Review Editor, at review@amdmcjournal.net

• We will contact once we receive your details.
• We will suggest some books that we have for review or send you the list to choose from.
• Deadlines are four weeks, and we ask reviewers to stick to these closely. Delays cause gaps in the schedule and we may not be able to publish your review as scheduled.
• We are unable to pay our reviewers but you can keep books they review.
• We hope that you’ll benefit from the exposure on the site, through our associated institutions and blogs re-posts.
• Reviewers also benefit from quick feedback and publication of their work, usually within two weeks of submitting. Reviews show in Google Scholar Citations, as well as being shared on Twitter, Facebook, ect .


Our reviewers
The AMDMC Journal review of books draws on experts and academics from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. We generally focus on reviews for books in the following subject areas but not exclusive to those listed below: If you are publisher and would like a review of your publication please contact the review Editor at review@amdmcjournal.net, we also welcome individual recommendation of books relevant to our core subject interest.
• Media & Communications
• African Studies
• History
• Democracy & Governance
• Urban Studies
• Economics
• Education
• Environment and Climate Change Studies
• Gender Studies
• International Development
• Politics and IR
• Philosophy and Religion
• Sociology and Anthropology
• War and Conflict Studies

Review Editorial Policy
All contributions that are submitted will be acknowledged by the Review Editor as soon as possible. In most cases submitted reviews and articles will be reviewed by at least two members of the team within a week, who may edit the piece to enhance readability. These edits will include:

• Shortening of text if the review is above our stated 1,000 word limit
• The addition of short introductory paragraph outlining the review’s author, their main arguments and findings, and any relevant background information for readers.
• Minor edits are made to most reviews, but sometimes we may ask you to provide more detail on a particular argument or chapter. All suggested changes will always be agreed with you before we publish, and we will be able to give you a publishing date once the final copy is agreed.
• Please note that owing to events and other circumstances beyond our control, we may occasionally have to change our posting order at very short notice. Once reviews are published, we are very happy to make further edits afterwards should the author deem them to be necessary.
• If you do not wish for your article to be republished anywhere else, please let us know. In the hopefully rare cases where the General Editor cannot accept a review, authors can appeal to our Advisory Board and we will ask two members to adjudicate the issue.
• If you have any questions about our policy, please email us at review editor@amdmcjournal.net