About Africa Media & Democracy Journal

The Africa Media & Democracy Journal (AMDMCJ) aims at documenting discourses on media and democracy in Africa. The publication is intended to contribute to scholarly material in highlighting the growing influence of media in democratic governance in Africa. The AMDMC Journal is published bi-annually and focuses on research, analysis and inquiry into the role of the media as it interfaces democratic governance.

A vibrant and sustainable democracy can be enhanced by responsible media, the role of the media as one of the vanguards of emerging democracies in Africa calls for a full and unhindered participation. Importantly there is also an urgent need to examine the manner in which the media impacts on the democratic process. The AMDMCJournal explores in depth facets of democracy and media as located in Africa’s societal development and seeks to broaden the knowledge of and provide valuable insight and perspectives on the role of the media in democratic dispensation for development.

The Journal publishes papers delivered at the bi-annual Africa Media & Democracy Conference which is attended by researchers, scholars and professionals, media and communication experts from Africa and around the world. All papers published are subjected to a blind peer-reviewing process.